Visa & FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019

In celebration of the FIFA 2019 Women’s World Cup, Unbnd designed and developed a Facebook AR filter for Visa as an extension of their global ‘One moment can change the game’ campaign.

Following the design and concept stage, we developed and built the filter in Spark AR using a mix of colour overlay filters, graphics and gesture-responsive animation. Once the filter is accessed, users are provided two versions they can switch between, each featuring a different theme and message of support. The filter offers an interactive element, showering the user in confetti as they open and close their mouth to the sounds of a cheering crowd.

The filter allows users to capture both video footage and pictures of their interaction and share to their social channels.

The filter was one of the first experiences to be featured as part of Facebook’s new Facebook Ad offer, leveraging Visa’s social presence and providing fans with an immersive way to show their support for both Australia and the Women’s World Cup in general.

VISA and WWC 19 Experience