Cartier & NGA

To create heightened interest in the Cartier Exhibition at the NGA, Unbnd built an immersive virtual experience telling the story of one of Cartier’s most exquisite jewels, the crocodile necklace.

Viewers are stationed in the environment and are told the story of the necklace’s origins as the crocodiles and jewels come together in a seamless and mesmerising manner. The virtual experience was installed at 5 of Cartier’s boutique stores, and 500 branded Google Cardboard headsets were distributed to influencers with a link to the online experience.

Cartier Crocodiles Wireframe

The experience was created using a suite of programs including 3Dsmax, Z-brush, xNormal, Photoshop and Unity, and was installed on GearVR headsets for the in-boutique experiences.

With access to the priceless necklace impossible, we faced the challenge of 3D modelling the jewellery from scratch. The end result saw the detail of the jewellery being so precise, the audience could not distinguish between a photo of the necklace and a CGI still of the necklace.