Highview Miranda

Looking for an alternative to the standard display suite, Independent Property Group asked Unbnd to create an experience that would immerse potential buyers in the apartments at Highview Central.

Highview VR Experience

Unbnd created an interactive VR tour of an apartment at Highview Central, 3D modelled in Unreal Engine from floor plans and architectural drawings. The tour incorporated drone footage of the actual view from the development, providing potential buyers with an exclusive aspect they would normally not see until development completion.

The tour was presented on an HTC Vive VR headset and was featured at the development sales office.

Highview Living Area

With display apartments being expensive to produce and fixed to the one location, the portable nature of VR headsets allowed for the 3D tour to be installed at a pop-up space in Westfield Miranda, providing the Agent a key tool to showcase the development to a wider audience and in general leading to a positive experience for interested homeowners.