Making the Impossible / Possible

Making the Impossible / Possible

We’re futurists, artists, nerds, thinkers, dreamers and builders collaborating with brands to transform the impossible into the possible. We find new ways to tell stories through immersive tech and develop Extended Reality (XR) experiences that entertain, invite participation and drive action.


Dream First /
Build Second

In today’s world, it takes a lot to get your audience’s attention. You need to go a little further.  You want them to never forget you. That’s why we approach every brief with one simple philosophy… dream first, build second.

Only when you allow imagination and play to first exist unbound by limitations will you achieve the impossible that your audience will never forget. We then take those big impossible ideas and let our cutting-edge team of nerds, artists and developers loose with their impressive arsenal of technology.

Virtual Reality

New narratives / Experienced

You just can’t ignore today’s Virtual Reality (VR) tech. It’s so immersive, so transportive, that its potential to thrill, scare or otherwise move an audience can’t be understated. At Unbound, we create premium, bespoke brand experiences and stories for VR using the latest real-time technologies, development engines and hardware. 

And with solid data tracking and analytics baked into all our VR products, you’ll have all the insights you need to prove ROI.

Augmented Reality

Reality / Enhanced

Augmented Reality (AR) fuses the real world with the imagined, allowing you to take your event, product or service to your client.

At Unbound, we’re across the latest advances in AR tech. Our platform agnostic approach means we’ll use installation/projection, social (Facebook, Snapchat), device (iOS, Android) – basically, whatever platform that will get us the best results.


Tomorrow / Tech

The real-time game engines and applications we use (Unity and Unreal) give us more freedom and flexibility throughout the production process. They let us make immediate changes to any aspect of a project at any time.

These engines also allow us to take traditional renders, images or video, at any size or resolution in just minutes – a fraction of the time required for older offline rendering technology. We can even render full 360⁰ images and full-motion 360⁰ video.

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